A New Kid In Town

Posted: July 21, 2010 by mediabio in Uncategorized


Welcome to MediaBio. My name is Bill and I’ll be your host on this everlasting journey. The idea for this blog is to look at that monolithic embodiment of the human character–The Media–and use it as a facilitator for looking at ourselves, our history, and the world around us. That sounds awfully pretentious (and maybe it is) but the idea is to entertain as well as start a conversation. In these posts, I will look at a subject, be it comic books, movies, music, news, etc. (the Media), and tell a story from my life in relation to the subject (the Bio). This blog is not meant to be an online autobiography despite the term Bio in the title, but rather little anecdotal stories meant to get you thinking and, hopefully, sharing. I will also just comment on whatever news strikes me as interesting at the moment.

Me with Fred Flintstone circa 1979. Yabba dabba
doo, muthafucka.

But, WHY?

The idea for this blog came from several sources that I feel compelled to bore you with. A few years ago as Star Wars: Episode III–Revenge of the Sith was coming out in theaters I got an idea for a memoir. It would be called A Strong Influence on the Weak-Minded: My Life with Star Wars and would be about how my life corresponded with the Star Wars movies. I jokingly told someone about this and he loved the idea (he wasn’t a Star Wars fan, but worked at the same bookstore that I worked at and he thought it would sell well). I obviously never followed through with that idea. Then, more recently, excited by the idea of the remake of Wes Craven’s classic A Nightmare on Elm Street, I wrote essays on each movie and posted them to a different blog I had (those essays will be reposted here in the future). People read them and enjoyed them and told me about their stories with the movies. The same has happened in other posts about Lost and the Toy Story movies.

So within the particle collider of my brain, MediaBio was born.

So, who wants to make a black hole today?

So Whatcha Want From Me, Bill?

Hopefully, you will respond, leave a small anecdote from your own life in terms of the media, or whatever else you wish to leave. I only ask that you be polite not only to me but to whomever leaves comments.

So, stay tuned for the first real post, and thanks for reading.

So on this journey we go!


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