About MediaBio

MediaBio is a website by Bill Gauthier that is part pop culture commentary, part memoir, and (hopefully) all entertaining.

The idea behind MediaBio is to look at that monolithic embodiment of the human character–The Media–and use it as a facilitator for looking at ourselves, our history, and the world around us. That sounds awfully pretentious but the idea is to entertain as well as start a conversation. Everyone likes to remember the first time they heard their favorite song, saw their favorite movie, went to their first concert. Or maybe it’s the hated song, movie, concert you want to talk about. MediaBio is the place to be.

MediaBio is also a place for commentary. Please stick around and feel free to participate.


Bill Gauthier is the creator of MediaBio and a writer. His work includes the short story collection Catalysts and the short novels Alice on the Shelf and Shadowed.

Find out more about Bill at his website, Gautham: Bill Gauthier.com.