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So music has never been my strength in terms of keeping up with pop culture. I’ll know some names but often not the songs themselves (of course, with the comments section, you can always hip me to some new music). I knew of Katy Perry‘s first big splash with “I Kissed A Girl” and even heard the song (I love the acoustic version she performed live on The Howard Stern Show), but the sound was…well…not to my taste.

This week, someone on Facebook linked to her new song “California Gurls” and I decided to watch it. This was good, because it meant I had a MediaBio Quickie to share with you!

The song is catchy and Snoop Dogg‘s parts are good, but the things that captivated me are the story/visuals and Katy Perry.

The concept was cute and sexy and strange and funny and, and, and–




Here it is. I’m going to get myself some cotton candy. And whipped cream.


In between essays/topics, I’ll post a MediaBio Quickie, which may or may not have to do with the previous post. This one does.

Those photos at the end of the last post weren’t the only ones Mom sent along to me. Here are three more that have to do with that topic.

Who is that meek man who walks into town, trying to be friendly and mind his own business?

Oh, no! He's become angry!

Luckily, our friendly neighborhood webhead has come to rescue us!